Patient Wear

Economy Linen and Towel Service has been a leader in high quality medical linens and industry-approved medical linen services in the Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky areas. Choose from our line of high quality patient uniforms, covering a whole range of sizes, materials, designs, and uses. Our OSHA/JCAHO/HLAC approved laundry facilities and process will assure you that your patient wear is in good hands.Patient Gowns

It’s hard enough to be tied to a hospital bed; and even harder to be wearing dirty or uncomfortable patient attire while at it. Make sure you provide comfort for your sick patients while keeping the rest of your medical facility safe from contamination. Hire a reliable, industry-approved medical linen service company! Hire Economy Linen!

For years, Economy Linen has been helping countless hospitals and other facilities around Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana achieve the best in patient wear and patient wear services. With us, you and your patients can rest assured that their patient gowns and other linens are handled by professionals and processed in a facility that complies with the highest standards set on medical linens by the JCAHO and the OSHA as well as the HLAC.

We offer the following items:

  • Unisex patient gowns
  • Extra-large patient gowns
  • Children’s size patient gowns

With Economy Linen, you are assured that your patient uniforms are clean, safe, and comfortable. We have earned the respect and trust of countless medical facilities in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. This is not something that we gained overnight; this is from all the years we’ve spent on providing high quality services and topnotch technology.

Call us today to get the best patient wear you can find in the tri-state area. Experience the Economy Linen difference – trust us, your patients will thank you for it!