Service Personnel

In the competitive environment that we live in today, it is important to set a business apart from its competition. Economy Linen provides a wide variety of uniforms that will help the staff of any business look professional and develop an immediate trust with its customer. The image a business presents to its customer is what drives referrals and repeat business. Economy Linen has worked with companies such as plumbers, builders, heating and air conditioning companies, and a wide variety service companies that send its employees to the field to help a customer. Economy Linen has the experience to help a company choose the right uniform for the right job.

Hospitality Personnel

If a business has employees that greet customers on a regular basis, wouldn’t it be nice to have each employee looking the same day in and out? With a customized uniform program from Economy Linen this will be easy to achieve. Our service team has been well trained on helping businesses choose just the right look for its employees.

Distribution and Manufacturing

Through many studies and long hours of monitoring, researchers have found that the way an employee is dressed makes a difference in their productivity throughout the day. Economy Linen has been providing uniforms to its customers for over 80 year with a continuous reliability. Economy Linen offers customized programs to find the uniform that best fits your business.