Restaurant Uniforms


Chef Coats

In order to achieve a memorable atmosphere for its customers, many restaurants have used chef coats to make a lasting impression. Economy Linen and Towel Service has a plethora of styles, colors, and designs that will meet the d├ęcor and setting of any business. From plastic button to French knot, white, black, or red are available through the customized uniform program that helps restaurants find the exact style for their business. All uniforms that Economy Linen provides come with the option of a monogrammed logo and will make a tremendous impact on the appearance of restaurant employees.

Chef Pants

Economy Linen offers a complete line of chef wear, and the chef pants help a kitchen staff look clean and professional. Economy provides chef pants to businesses such as restaurants, hotels, hospital nutrition departments, and retirement communities. Economy Linen offers a variety of colors and styles so any business can be creative to find the perfect match for its kitchen staff.

Server Uniforms

As a restaurant looks to find its special appeal for customers, the server uniform is a fast and easy way to make a lasting impression. Economy Linen regularly processes shirts and pants for the wait staff of its customers, uniforms such as golf and oxford shirts, dress pants and cargo pants. Economy Linen uniforms are processed through an automated steam process so they arrive clean, crisp, and ready to wear.