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With over 80 years of experience, the employees at Economy Linen and Towel Service are known as a reliable service partner for restaurant and medical linen. Restaurants and food processing businesses love to have a partner who works with them and reduce cost. Economy Linen is a great addition to any business.

Bar Towels / Kitchen Towels

Bar towels and kitchen towels are those that are used the most within a restaurant or food service facility. They are efficient and long lasting so that they can be used for cleaning counters and tables, or during cooking and food preparation.

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Quality 32 oz. Bar Mops

Grill Pads

Grill Wipes are provided to tackle the difficult job of cleaning commercial grills and kitchens. These are thicker than a traditional bar towel and are made specifically to get the tough jobs done. Many customers also use the grill wipe as a pot holder for those hot pots and pans coming off the grill.

Glass Towels

Glass towels are a reduced lint towel designed specifically to polish glass and silverware. The glass towel is a great addition to help control the cost of paper towels used for cleaning windows and entry ways. When a customer wants to get a wine goblet or champagne glass to sparkle, this is the towel of their choice.

Glass Towel Rentals

Glass Towels / Kitchen Towels for Polishing