At Economy Linen and Towel Service, the customer is always our priority. What this means for you is reliable service, incredible customer care, reasonable prices, and great products. We know how important the atmosphere of your restaurant, banquet center or bar is to your customers. That’s why we make sure to only give you the highest quality in linen services; we know that something as simple as the feel of a napkin can influence the customer experience.

When you work with Economy Linen, you take one step closer towards providing the finest dining service. With us, you can get the high-quality table linens, towels, aprons and uniforms that enhance your entire restaurant atmosphere.

Our Napkin Quality Promise

In our collection of restaurant linens, we have some of the finest napkins available for rent at a reasonable price. Our napkins are available in a wide range of colors, including everything from ivory to navy blue to pink. The quality of the material is outstanding, allowing for ease of folding to create beautiful napkin designs. Our Signature Series napkins will impress customers and help cultivate that wonderful dining experience they are seeking when coming to your business.

We not only provide pristine napkins available in a variety of colors, but we also offer our exclusive 100% cotton napkin in white. These cotton napkins are unique to the restaurant setting, catching the customer’s eye and attracting them to the richness of the material.

No matter the occasion, our napkins pull the look of your restaurant together, cultivating that classic dining aesthetic. At our plant, we make sure each and every napkin that we deliver to you has been laundered, ironed, steamed and folded according to the highest standards, so you only get the best out of each napkin we supply you with.

How to Get Started

Our napkin rental services are simple to use – you tell us what you need, and we deliver that to you on a consistent basis, also picking up your napkins for professional laundering.

Simply give us a call at 800-536-1000 and we’ll get you started with a program that will change your restaurant for the better.