Napkins and Tablecloths

napkins and table cloths


Economy Linen and Towel Service carries a variety of Signature Series napkins. Economy offers customers a wide selection of over 20 different colored napkins, all of which are very resilient and hold folds extremely well. The Signature Series napkins will accent any table setting and create an appealing atmosphere for customers to remember.

Economy Linen and Towel Service also offers a 100% cotton napkin available exclusively in white. While a cotton napkin is rarely used in restaurant linen, it adds a touch of elegance to the table setting. Many customers notice a subtle richness in the presentation of their dining experience. See our color selection here!


Economy Linen and Towel Service has a multitude of Signature Series tablecloths available for all table dimensions. A sampling of colors includes white, black, royal blue, navy, green, red, burgundy, and brown. Economy Linen even offers a black/white checked tablecloth for race fans and a red/white checked option for authentic Italian appeal. All tablecloths are neatly pressed and folded, to give each table a crisply finished look. Tablecloths are primarily used in restaurants, banquet facilities, country clubs, and hotels, but enhance the dining experience at any business.