Front of the House Aprons

Front House Aprons

Economy Linen is confident that we provide the best linen services for restaurants. We service all types of restaurants whether they are small, mom-and-pop cafes or large chain restaurants. One of our items we are most proud of producing are aprons. We have two types of aprons that are most popular: bistro and bar aprons. For the more upscale restaurants we recommend the bistro apron, whereas for cafes with a casual atmosphere the bar apron is suggested.

Bistro Apron

The bistro apron offers a classic look that protects the clothing of the serving staff of a restaurant. The bistro apron is available in several colors and will be a great tool to add a touch of elegance to any facility.

Bar Apron

The bar apron offers the same basic look and protection as the bistro, but is not as long as the bistro and is generally used for a more casual atmosphere. The bar apron is most often used in businesses such as a sports bar, family restaurant, or diner.

Quality Aprons Lead to a Quality Restaurant

We are assured that you are proud of your restaurant and are confident in the quality your eatery provides. Therefore, in order to display your high superiority in your business, you deserve a quality apron service. Economy Linen and Towel Service provides the best apron service to portray your restaurant in the best light. We have been in business for over 80 years, so you can be confident in trusting us with your apron services. Contact us today for a quality apron service at 1 (800) 536-1000.