Facility Services

Air Fresheners

Everyone who has been a customer of a restaurant or medical facility has been offended by the unpleasant aroma that comes from the restrooms or storage area at one time or another. Economy Linen offers multiple solutions to such odors. Economy’s service-personnel have been trained to help find the right fragrance and perfect fit of air freshener for any décor. These air fresheners offer a classic look while improving the aroma of any type of facility. Retirement communities, hospitals, dental offices, surgery centers, and restaurants can all benefit from the wide selection of styles and fragrances available.

Paper Towels

A business owner or manager is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the entire restaurant or medical facility. With a wide variety of paper towel dispensers and paper products, Economy Linen can find the perfect match for a business’s employees and its customers. The staff at Economy Linen not only delivers the paper towel needs for the restrooms and kitchen, they also manage inventories so their customers can focus on what is important to their business. Economy Linen works on their business so its customers can work on theirs.

Toilet Paper

With a plethora of toilet paper to choose from, Economy’s helpful service personnel help you choose which color and style of dispenser is most appropriate for your employee and public restrooms. Economy Linen’s staff has a warehouse full of choices to fit any business. They deliver the quantity necessary to ensure the facility is always fresh and ready for business.