Restaurant Apron Services

Restaurant Apron Services

Bib Apron Rentals

Dirty aprons are the last thing you need in building up the image of your restaurant. Keep a fresh stack of clean and high quality linens at all times and leave the stained ones in the hands of the company that Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana trusts: Economy Linen!

Economy Linen is your best choice in the area for high quality linens, industry-approved laundry processing and reliable, on time services. We have all kinds of linens you would need for any of your departments, in looks and designs to match your establishment, and in a quality that you won’t hesitate to wear around your most valued customers. We provide aprons for the following establishments:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Catering services
  • Diners
  • Etc

We can offer you tons of choices as far as aprons are concerned. Economy Linen has a wide range of items available, and you can trust that each one of them to be only of the best quality:

  • Bib aprons
  • Barista aprons
  • Etc

Dirty aprons can hurt your business more than you think it can. Don’t get caught with any, and never run out of clean ones. Enlist the help of Economy Linen today! Call us through our hotline – we serve several locations in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Economy Linen and Towel Service provides a professional look for restaurants, caterers, banquet centers and nutrition centers. Economy Linen provides a wide variety of colored bib aprons that will match any theme and décor, while enhancing the appearance of a business. Economy Linen’s service team is trained to identify the needs of their customers and offer continual improvements within their facilities. Economy Linen provides a wide array of restaurant linen.