Restaurant Linen

restaurant linen

Food and Beverage Businesses We Serve


Economy Linen and Towel Service was built on the promise of relentless reliability. For over eighty years the needs of their clients have been the priority: one customer at a time, week after week. The service team at Economy Linen will provide ideas for improvement and follow through with exceptional service. Economy Linen will deliver the highest quality of bar towels, kitchen towels, aprons, napkins, tablecloths, chef coats, cook uniforms, and server uniforms.

Customers expect a smooth, crisp look when they enter a dining establishment.  Economy Linen fully understands the importance of tables looking perfect for any occasion. With this in mind, Economy developed a patented “check point” system to assure customers of the highest possible quality restaurant linen.  All products never leave the plant without being ironed, steamed or folded to perfection.

Catering and Banquet Centers

As the population continues to grow, so does the need for banquet centers and caterers. From the most casual setting to the most formal, Economy Linen will be there to help choose the right table linen for each individual occasion. They provide a multitude of napkin colors that will match the theme of each event. Economy Linen also has a wide variety of tablecloths in the size and color to fit most tables and décor. If a business wants their wait staff to look crisp, clean, and professional, Economy Linen has a wide variety of chef and server uniforms available to meet the need of the most particular customer.


With the fast paced environment of today’s society, it is always comforting to sit back and enjoy some drink and cheer. Economy Linen will help a business maximize their profits while enhancing the facilities from the front door to the back. Economy Linen provides a wide variety of products such as, bar towels, mats, restroom service, and much more.