Dental Uniforms & Linens

Dental Uniforms and Office Facility Services

Don’t let anything interrupt the quality of your dental services! Give your patients your full attention and care without ever having to worry about the small things like your clinic’s fresh linens. Put your concerns on supplies in the hands of one that you can completely trust to deliver on time, in a quality that you can be proud of. Entrust it with Economy Linen!

Economy Linen is your best choice for dental uniforms and linens rentals, linen services, restroom services, as well as facility services. We have designed our processes to comply with the highest standards set in the industry of linen services including those set by JCAHO and OSHA. This is enough an assurance that you will get linens that are clean, safe and ready to use for the following dental facilities:

  • Dental clinics
  • Dental surgery rooms
  • Etc

We have a wide range of dental linens and other services available for your dental facility. In true Economy Linen brand of quality, you can rest assured that we will deliver on time and you won’t have to worry at all about your stocks of the following items:

  • Lab coats
  • Scrub suits
  • Restroom supplies
  • Facilities supplies
  • Etc

Don’t keep your patients waiting! Give them the best of your services and the best linens you can offer only from Economy Linen. Call us today for your linen rentals and linen services for select locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Don’t let poor quality linens get in the way of your quality dental services. Invest in Economy Linen’s top of the line lab coats, face mask, dental bibs, and a whole range of linens for your every service and to serve every patient’s needs. Our world class products and linen processing facilities have all the necessary qualifications and accreditation, and runs on state-of-the-art technology unlike any other in the tri-state area.