Medical Linen Products

medical linen products

Here at Economy Linen, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high-quality linen products. We understand how important clean linens are to your medical facility, and we are dedicated to providing you with the top-notch service you expect from your linen provider. All textiles are clean and void of bio-hazardous microorganisms, PH-balanced, free of chemical residue, pleasant to the senses, and visually free of lint and wrinkles.

Here are some of the items we rent and launder:


Here at Economy Linen, we understand that the safety and comfort of your patients is extremely important. That’s why we utilize a softener that helps reduce skin irritation that may be caused by sheets during a lengthy hospital stay. Not only are our sheets soft, but they are extremely durable so that they will last through multiple uses.


Economy Linen provides a variety of blankets to suit your medical facility’s needs. From receiving blankets for new arrivals to bath blankets, thermal blankets, and more, we have what you need to keep your patients comfortable and warm.

Incontinent Pads

Incontinent pads are helpful for patients so that they can stay as dry and comfortable as possible. Additionally, investing in incontinent pads can help reduce staff time spent repeatedly changing bed linens.

Pillow Slips

Comfortable, clean pillows are an essential part of any medical facility. Economy Linen offers a wide variety of pillowcase colors for special units. With high-quality fabrics and optimum comfort, our pillowcases will help your patients feel more at home during their stay.

No matter what medical linens you need, you can count on Economy Linen to deliver! We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and are standing by ready to help you today. Regardless of the size of your request, we are here for you! Call us now at 1 (800) 536-1000.