Medical Linen

Medical Linen

Economy Linen has the best Medical Linen

Economy Linen has taken quality and service to a new level in processing the sheets used in hospitals, surgery centers, retirement communities, and many other facilities that want to offer top-notch service to their customers.  Economy Linen utilizes an inspection process that will not allow a sheet, pillow case, bath towel, or even a massage towel to leave the plant without being reviewed for quality and run through one of many ironers.

Medical Linen Services

We provide an assortment of products for the medical field. Our product line is used for many purposes like in-patient and out-patient rooms, surgery centers, and sanitary restrooms. Listed are some of our products we provide for the healthcare industry:

  • Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Washcloths, Bath Blankets
  • Patient Gowns
  • Scrubs, Medical Uniforms, And Lab Coats
  • Sheets And Pillowcases
  • Facility Services
  • Incontinence Pads

Quality Is Our Most Important Property

We care most about our promise to our customers that we will provide a quality service. Since we have been a family company for over 80 years, we are confident in our service and can assure you that we care most about your needs. Our drivers will deliver in a timely manner, and our products will be of utmost excellence.

Contact us and you will be speaking with one of our experienced sales representatives who will talk you through the entire process and be able to work with your needs in order to provide you with the best customer experience. Call us now at 1 (800) 536-1000 or visit our website.