Lafayette Linen Services

Indiana Linen Service Company
From world class educational systems, to outstanding businesses and incredible recreational resources, West Lafayette, Indiana has a wealth of opportunities as an award winning city. With restaurants offering a wide variety of food choices and the night clubs providing plenty of social events, there is never an end to the fun in this city.

Neighboring to the east, Lafayette, Indiana has a great deal to offer, including blue ribbon schools, parks and recreation, and the most updated restaurants and eateries in the region. No matter what age of the visitor, this city has something for everyone.

As these two communities have grown, so has the demand for fine dining restaurants, fast paced social clubs, bars, country clubs, banquet centers, and family restaurants. The hospitality industry has recently been greeted by a new linen provider to meet its needs: Economy Linen and Towel Service. Economy Linen has been serving customers for over 80 years with products and solutions for the smallest bar up to the largest restaurants, and has recently expanded into the region with an unparallel commitment of a linen provider.

Economy Linen offers support, and works as a partner with any business that needs napkins, tablecloths, towels, chef coats, uniforms, mats, or restroom supplies. As a world class provider, Economy Linen understands the need of its customers and offers solutions that help increase traffic, protect facilities, and drive their customer success.

The restaurant community is not the only industry Economy Linen is able to help. Economy Linen has increased the standards on providing high quality medical linen to some of the country’s best medical offices and healthcare facilities. Surgery centers, retirement communities, hospitals, family practice, specialty offices, imaging centers, dental offices, and therapy centers, have all achieved maximum patient satisfaction and comfort while partnering with Economy Linen.

Economy Linen’s patient gowns can provide a comfort level to the patient that cannot be matched by disposable gowns. Economy also specializes in scrubs, lab coats, sheets, towels, surgical and doctor towels, uniforms, and various mops and mats to help the maintenance staff keep the facility clean.

Economy Linen is committed to keeping the environment safe and healthy for future generations with an emphasis on reusable products. The company spends a great deal of time learning new techniques to maximize the use of water and reduce the amount of waste produced each year. While working to support the communities we serve and help protect our planet, Economy Linen is an excellent partner to any business.