Medical Linen Products

folding and ironing

Here are a few of the items we rent and launder:


Patient’s comfort is very important.  Economy Linen utilizes a softener that helps reduce skin irritation that may be caused by sheets during a lengthy hospital stay.


The blankets are also treated with the same softener so patients can experience comfort like at home.   Economy Linen provides a variety of blankets from receiving blankets for new arrivals, bath blankets for trips to the shower or thermal blankets for additional warmth while recuperating.

Incontinent Pads

Many hospital patients benefit from the use of an incontinent pad so they can stay as dry and comfortable as possible.  Incontinent pad for those patients can help reduce staff time spent repeatedly changing bed linens.

Pillow Slips

Where there is a bed, there must be a pillow.  Economy Linen offers different colors of pillow cases especially for the special units such as sleep lab so that the patient can experience a home-type setting.

All textiles are clean and void of bio-hazardous micro organisms, PH balanced, free of chemical residue, pleasant to senses and visually free of lint and wrinkles.