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Commercial Wipes for Every Industry

Scrubs Wiping ClothsPremier offers a complete line of wipers. Whatever the need maybe, all purpose, light duty, glass cleaning, machine and tool wiping, food service or healthcare, we have a wiper to handle any need.

-All Purpose

-Light Duty




-Food Service


Running your business can be very tough – with all the big and complex stuff that you have to take care of. There’s customer service, employee management, balancing your expenses and profits, taking care of inventory – the list goes on and on and on. How can you take care of all that and still think about the smaller things like your wipers and wiping cloths? Thankfully you can rely on Economy Linen for that.

Economy Linen has been the trusted name for linen services and rentals in many areas in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We are also a leading provider of disposable items including wipers and wiping cloths. Economy Linen has the widest range of disposable wipers available including heavy duty, all purpose, light use, industrial, medical/healthcare, food service, and pre-moistened kinds.

What are you waiting for? Call Economy Linen today to stock up on your wiping cloths and wipers!

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