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Every Type of Can Liner

Premier paper at Economy Linen offers a multitude of can liners. Whether the need is for the desk waste basket, large heavy duty drum liners or healthcare, Premier has the right liner available. We stock both high density and low density liners in an array of sizes and thickness.

-High Density

-Low Density

-Healthcare Infectious Waste


In an environment where hygiene, safety and health are your top concerns, you can never run the risk of falling short on essential supplies like disposable can liners.  A single can liner can do a world of difference in keeping your facility safe from the spread of harmful elements found in waste, whether it’s medical waste, paper waste or food-related waste – and Economy Linen has just the right type of can liners for all types of waste that you have.

Economy Linen is Ohio’s trusted name in linen rentals, services, and facility service supplies including a wide variety of disposable can liners. We have stocks of can liners that come in a variety of thickness, colors, and sizes to fit every need from small paper waste baskets to more delicate biohazard and infectious wastes from hospitals and other medical facilities. Economy Linen has gained its reputation of reliability from years of providing high quality services and supplies.

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