Dayton, Ohio Linen Services

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Dayton, Ohio is a city rich in talent and history. As the losses of jobs and manufacturing have changed the landscape of this beautiful city, Dayton has become a hub for the world of technology. Recently, G.E. has agreed to build a research center on the campus of U.D., which will be located at the corner of Patterson and Stewart streets.

The arrival of new employers and new investment into town, has allowed many private business to take advantage of Dayton’s growth and bright future. This development has also created opportunities for restaurants and entertainment of all types in the Downtown and Oregon districts. The Greater Dayton areas of Centerville, Beavercreek, Springboro, Englewood, and many others have seen a great number of new privately owned businesses open and expand.

Rapid growth equates with restaurants looking to upgrade service and quality in order to entice each customer. Tablecloths and napkins have been a huge part of these improvements and Economy Linen and Towel Service has played a vital role in such changes.

For over 80 years the employees at Economy Linen have been providing a reliable linen service to the Dayton community. Economy helps the average restaurant increase its repeat customer base by providing tablecloths, napkins, towels, chef coats, and restroom services that impress even the savviest customer. Delivering a quality, reliable, on time service to its clients is a mission that Economy Linen takes very seriously.

Not only has Dayton experienced growth in its entertainment venues, its medical community has also become a leader in providing high quality treatment and service. As this industry has evolved, so has Economy Linen. Economy provides medical linens necessary to efficiently and effectively operate a surgery center, dental office, hospital, retirement community, urgent care facility, and multiple types of primary care and specialty medical offices.

Economy Linen has become the leader in Dayton as a medical linen supplier providing scrubs, sheets, towels, lab coats, and every other medical linen necessary. For those medical facilities that require a specific type of linen, Economy Linen ensures an individualized linen program to accommodate such needs. In addition, Economy Linen helps its clients choose all types of uniforms for employees to create a professional and classic look for their business.