Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky Linen Services

cincinnati ohio linen services
The future of Cincinnati is looking bright! The entire Greater Cincinnati region has enjoyed a great deal of excitement with the recent building and growth downtown. From the new “tallest building” in the city to Findley Market on Race Street, the expansion of new businesses is driving the city to prosperity. With the Banks project nearing completion the restaurant and entertainment district is also coming alive!

As Cincinnati continues to grow and improve, so do other incredible communities in the Tri State. Cities such as Covington, Newport, Florence, Mason, Hamilton, West Chester, Fairfield, Lawrenceburg, Aurora, and Harrison have all felt the positive ripple effects from downtown development.

When new restaurants come to Cincinnati, they need providers and partners to help them attract a consistent guest. Economy Linen and Towel Service is an excellent linen service choice for such businesses because it provides solutions that can improve the aesthetics and functionality of any restaurant or bar.

Economy Linen has been providing reliable service for products such as napkins, tablecloths, mats, towels, aprons, and a complete line of restroom products for more than 80 years. Economy Linen is an excellent partner to any restaurant, bar, lounge, or nightclub that needs to increase traffic and upgrade its appearance.

The explosive growth of entertainment facilities demands an ability to maximize the customer experience and generate repeat business. To give your employees a clean and professional look, Economy Linen provides a wide variety of uniforms, including multiple styles and colors of chef coats, cook apparel, server uniforms, and maintenance uniforms for the people working behind the scenes.

Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky Linen Services
Not only does Economy Linen provide a reliable service for the entertainment sector, the company has also been a great partner for the medical community. Economy Linen provides high quality reliable service to facilities such as a surgery center, hospital, medical office, dental office, sleep center, dialysis unit, and any specialty medical clinic. The company offers the highest quality scrubs, lab coats, patient gowns, towels, sheets, and robes that will make your patients feel comfortable and appreciated during office visits.

At Economy Linen going green is not just an idea; it is the way we do business. We work hard to partner with our providers to decrease our water usage in order to preserve our environment for future generations.