Quick & Inexpensive Dental Office Makeover Tips

Dentist Office

Many people dislike visiting the dentist for a number of reasons. Some of these can be that they fear a cavity, dislike the smells and tastes of the cleaning products, or just dislike the time wasted. In order to make sure your clients’ dental visits are more bearable, we have devised a list of ways to renovate your office in order to make it look more pleasant without breaking your business budget.

Check out some of these simple and affordable ways-

  • Soothing background music- Whether your patient is waiting in the waiting room or sitting in the hot seat, playing some relaxing music will definitely soothe them and is quick and easy. Just invest in a low-cost speaker, connect your computer, and stream some calming tunes.
  • Flowers and plants- Planting indoor florae can give your dental office an-at-home appeal and also provide fresh oxygen into the air, known to calm antsy customers.
  • Toys- Purchasing cheap toys for the little mouths you examine is a wise investment. Children and their parents can wait a long time, especially if the parent is in the patient’s seat. By providing children with toys to play with while they wait, you will eliminate the chances of them being wild and rambunctious. This will provide a safer and more relaxing environment for other patients and your employees.

It is simple to upgrade your mundane dental office into a fun, relaxing place that your customers and employees will enjoy. Keep your patients and staff satisfied and at ease with quality linen products with us by clicking here or calling Economy Linen and Towel Service, Inc. directly at 1 (800) 536-1000.

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Facility Energy Saving Tips

Facility Energy SavingsAre you a business owner who is spending too much on your facility’s energy bills and want to cut back? Saving energy is beneficial for your wallet and will allow for you to spend your business’s expenses on other products or services, like a quality linen service. It is also beneficial for the environment, giving your company more of a “green” character.

We have picked a handful of tips on how to save energy safely and efficiently-

  • Maintain heating/cooling systems- Regular maintenance of your air conditioning systems will prevent your air systems from overworking or even from breaking down and having to replace them.
  • Turn off lights when not in use- Do not waste your electricity bill on power that is not being used, have your employees turn off the lights when leaving the business center.
  • Solar panels- If you really want to invest in a way that will save money and the environment, solar panels are the hot new trend that many businesses are investing their money into.
  • Replace your lightbulbs- Replace your incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. These will last longer and cut back costs 75%.

These are some of our tips, we hope you follow them and notice giant savings on your next energy bill. You can also save time and money by investing in a quality linen service that will take care of your needs rather than washing and cleaning your products in-house. Contact us at 1 (800) 536-1000 and you will get in touch with an experienced representative that will guide you through the process of how you can begin your linen service with Economy linen today!

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Fun Holiday Events in Columbus For The Whole Family!

Holiday Events In Ohio

The holidays are around the corner, and it can only mean one thing: it’s the season of food yet again. If you’re still out of ideas on what to put on the table for those last minute dinners, or you’re looking for fun activities to do with the family The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden has a lot in store for you! They have activities that will help you make your kitchen and your dining table more festive and ready for the season.

Christmas Cooking Events for Everyone

Choose from the Franklin Park Conservatory’s assortment of food activities for the holidays:

  • Breakfast with Santa

December 13, 8:30AM-10AM

It’s that time of year when kids decorate their own holiday cookies and meet and greet jolly ol’ Santa Claus! Register early, limited slots only. Kids under 3 years old are free of charge. Other charges: Kids 3-10 years old, $12 for members and $15 for non-members; Adults: $25 for members and $30 for non-members.

  • Family Fun With Mrs. Claus

December 20 and December 21, 11AM-2PM

Learn the ways of their North Pole home! Spend time with Mrs. Claus and two live reindeers and let them teach you and your kids how to decorate your Christmas cookies and other treats. This event is free for all.

Looks like Columbus is armed and ready for the holidays! Take your pick and may your tables overflow with the best and tastiest holiday treats.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Economy!


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The Benefits Of Hiring Our Eco-Friendly Company

It’s not easy being “green” but we do our part to help conserve the environment and the neighborhood we live in.  As a client and business owner do you sometimes wonder what the benefits are of working with a “green” business like ours?  Choosing our eco-friendly commercial laundry service company as your partner can benefit your company in many ways – some may even surprise you!

Go Green With Economy

Why Do Business With Our “Green” Company

  • Affordability. Going “green” is most expensive during the installation and transition period but we have already passed that phase.  Having lower production costs including lesser water, electric, gas and more our company is able to pass along those savings to our customers.
  • Positive Brand Image. More and more clients have an increased awareness in the need to shift towards greener living – our company would be an ideal partner as we also take eco-friendly measures.   Hiring an eco-friendly laundry service company like ours will definitely help boost your company image to the growing number of environmentally-conscious customers in your market.
  • Savings.  By allowing us to handle your linens and uniforms you avoid the costs of having to invest in green equipment and be trained in green practices.  This translates into an immediate savings for you!

Go Green With Us
We have been in the business long enough to know what works best for restaurant and hospital linens and uniforms.  We know how to maintain the highest level of cleanliness especially in healthcare linens while still implementing eco-friendly practices.

If you’re looking for the right company that can help you in your journey towards greener laundry, we are definitely the prime choice in the greater Ohio area.  Call us today to speak to one of our qualified representatives and get a free quote on a green service for your business at 800-536-1000.

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4 Things to Look For When Choosing Spa Towels

Towels are an essential and indispensable part of every spa experience and because of that it is imperative that they be of the highest quality. Choosing spa towels is entirely different from other industries such as gym towels or restaurant towels. Apart from the fact that they have to be luxurious and comfortable, they also have to be durable enough to handle all the heavy duty, consistent use-and-wash routines.

Spa Towels: Make the Right ChoiceEconomy Spa Towels

When it comes to spa towels these are the 4 points that should be taken into consideration:

  • Softness and Overall Feel: Your spa’s specialty massages and signature body scrubs would prove a waste if the towels you provide your clients are itchy or even worse – shredded and stained.  Towels should be soft to the touch, made of quality material, and free from any rips or stains.
  • Thickness and Weight: The thicker and heavier the towels are, the more comfortable they will feel – providing maximum comfort for your spa’s clients. The thicker towels will also be more durable and absorbent.
  • Durability:  Spa Towels should be strong, with low-shrinkage and zero shedding/lint. This will keep them looking great after multiple uses.
  • Value For Your Money: By renting the towels from us as opposed to purchasing them up front, you save the time and money needed to invest in costly high quality towels, laundering equipment and the additional staff required for upkeep.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Excellent care, maintenance and professionalism is what we provide at Economy Linen.  Our spa towel services are backed up by more than 80 years in the industry.  These years have taught us how to launder the special items that spas needs which include more than just towels – massage sheets, pillowcases and esthetician uniforms are also items that can be included in your spa’s service.

Our linen and uniform services are anchored on family values and enhanced by the latest technology including RFID-tracking and inventory apps for your smart gadgets. When you put your spa towels in our hands, you are assured that your items will be in excellent hands while being processed in a high tech, environmentally-friendly facility. Allow our 80-year portfolio and endless list of satisfied customers tell you the story of our professional spa towel service.

Contact Us At Economy!

Interested? Click here for more information or for a free quote call 800-536-1000 to speak to a qualified representative.

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Why Your Restaurant Should Invest In A Uniform Program.

Restaurant Uniforms

If you think investing in restaurant uniforms is old-fashioned, a waste of time, and totally unnecessary, then you have been terribly misinformed. Uniforms have transformed to become the versatile, cost-efficient tools that your business, your employees, and even your customers can benefit from. Sure you have to shell out some precious company resources but knowing the following gains, it will definitely be worth it:

• Identity – Uniforms let your employees represent the identity you’ve created for your restaurant; not only do your employees identify with the restaurant, but the customers, too, can identify your employees’ services with the restaurant. This helps create brand recall, if done correctly.

• Organization and equality – Uniforms help you and your managers identify your employees more easily. This makes them easier to manage especially if you have a large group. Furthermore, having them wear the exact same thing gives them a sense that no one is above or below them but that they are all equally valued by the organization.

• Marketing – Uniforms allow for marketing to go further than your restaurant’s location. Your brand can now be wherever your employees are. They can be commuting to or from work, or be out on a field day, and are still able to represent your brand. That’s as good if not better than a pricey TV commercial!  And because of today’s technology, anything is possible as far as uniforms are concerned.

The key to achieving a hassle-free, best-quality, cost-efficient and truly effective uniform investment is finding the right company to partner with – and that’s what we are all about.  At Economy Linen we will help you through every step of the process – from choosing the material, consultation regarding the right design for your business, and even checking up on your inventory and maintenance. Our uniform service boasts the latest technology in uniform creation and maintenance and is available for your restaurant.

Contact us today and find out how the best quality uniforms can transform your restaurant (800) 536-1000 or visit http://www.economylinen.com/uniforms.

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Sports Bars Across Cincinnati Enjoy World Cup Watch Parties

World Cup at Sports Bars

World Cup at Sports Bars

Cincinnati is officially having World Cup fever!  Brazil is obviously not the only place where the party’s at as Cincinnati folks flocked to the Fountain Square for an all-out watching party for the USA team’s opening match versus Ghana. Others who wanted more access to beer and food to go with their viewing pleasure ran to their favorite local sports bar or restaurant. More fans turned out for the US vs. Portugal on the 23rd.

And when the bars and restaurants are running at full capacity with overflowing drinks and food galore, as in the case of these viewing parties, it can only mean one thing: mounds of soiled restaurant linens that need to be laundered.

Restaurant linens are among the most demanding of all types of commercial linens and for very good reasons.  For one, they are among the most frequently used linens in the industry – they get used and battered day in and day out by hordes of customers. Second, apart from being the most used, restaurant and other food/beverage industry linens also get the most unforgiving stains. All those food and drink stains are not easy to wash, especially if you want to make sure they are acceptable to the user.

For all these restaurant and pub laundry problems, and everything else linen, there’s always Economy Linen to run to. Our more than eight decades in the business of linens have rightfully earned us both the experience and the expertise to become the best company to handle Cincinnati’s restaurant linens, uniforms and laundry.

We are pioneers in the textile industry and have a proven track record that shows we will take care of your restaurant linens the best way possible. Apart from the state of the art machinery at our facility we also pride ourselves on the dedication to quality service for every customer, every time at a very affordable price – a dedication that has been proven by 88 long years of trusted.

Apart from restaurant linen services, we also offer linen and uniform services for other industries including healthcare facilities. We serve 5 major areas in Ohio – Columbus, Zanesville, and Dayton, as well as Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit us online at http://www.economylinen.com/restaurant-linen/ or call 1-800-536-1000 for a free, no-obligation quote today!

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Prevent Costly Hospital Mistakes By Utilizing This Method

There are so many preventative measures hospitals take to ensure that their patients and medical staff are not put in harm’s way. One of the ways they make sure of this is to have a checklist for each procedure that is done in the facility. The riskier the procedure the more thorough the list. By having a checklist they can make sure the necessary steps are taken for each individual patient in order to prevent infections spreading, medication errors and any other patient or employee accident. Certain hospitals have made major attempts to reduce these types of mistakes from happening by implementing a check list for every department in their facility.

Checklists are used in many different types of industries including healthcare facilities, construction companies, airlines and more. If you have ever flown on a commercial airline you are aware that as you’re waiting for takeoff the flight attendants ensure everyone’s seatbelt is fastened and they go over all the safety procedures before the plane even leaves the ground. The pilot and co-pilot make sure that the gas tanks are full, that the airplanes wings are in the correct position and that the plane is in good condition to arrive safely at its destination.

Economy Linen Services

At Economy Linen, we also implement check lists to ensure all the linens and uniforms that enter our facility are handled properly. From the time your company’s linens and uniforms are picked up everything is sorted accordingly and handled with the proper precautions. Once these items enter our facility they are laundered in a way that exceeds industry standards set by the HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council) while also ensuring that they look and smell great. Medical laundry can get stained in ways that can be almost impossible to remove without professional assistance and we know that the appearance of the linens and uniforms utilized by hospital patients and staff must be in pristine condition which is why we have the most advanced systems in place at our facility. Our goal is to stay at the cutting edge of technology with state of the art equipment. This allows us to pass on the savings to our customers as well as protect our community and environment.

We know that the quality of our service is crucial to the reputation of your medical facility. That is why we offer the highest quality products to ensure we meet the needs of your patients. Some of the items we offer for hospitals, physical therapy offices, pediatric offices and other medical locations include –

– Sheets, pillowcases, and blankets
– Incontinence Pads
– Pediatric sheets, blankets and linens
– Lab Coats and scrubs
– Towels, washcloths
– Customized Scrub Locker Program

Never Sacrifice The Quality Of Your Hospital Linens And Uniforms Again!
Call Economy Linen Today For Your Free Quote
Or visit us online at:

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AVI Banquet Center Loves Economy Linen Service Team

We began using Economy Linens roughly two years ago. Jeff and his team at Economy have bent over backyards to make sure our caterings go off without a hitch. Here, at The College of Mt St Joseph, we have a pretty erratic schedule of events, Jeff and his team are always available to help service our client’s needs. The product and service from Economy Linens is unmatched in Cincinnati. We are very thankful that Economy Linens happened across our doorstep.


Dustin Heyman, CDM, CFPP, CEC
General Manager
AVI Banquet Center
College of Mt St Joseph

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Jeff Thomas Catering Loves Economy Linen

“Economy Linen & Towel Service is one of the most reliable sources in their field for the greater Cincinnati tri-state area. We are a large scale catering operation and have enjoyed the privilege of working with the company for many years. Their customer service is stellar and very dependable. They should be commended on their reliability and attention to detail.”

JD Parker
Jeff Thomas Catering

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